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Can a Woman’s Vagina be Too Tight?

A woman’s vagina can normally never be too tight as it is made of tissues and muscles that are rather elastic. Remember that it is capable of allowing a full sized baby to pass through it during childbirth. However, there can be some discomfort when your partner tries to penetrate his penis during sex and, therefore, make you feel that your vagina is too small.

There is, however, a condition called vaginismus that may cause the vagina to Tight Vagina 20contract when something is inserted. Some women will not have a problem in inserting a tampon but may feel too small when a penis is inserted into their vagina. Women can feel rather scared of sex, and a partner may not want to cause you pain. However, this is a very rare condition and can easily be avoided with the adequate foreplay.

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The more common situation women encounter is a large or loose vagina. It is caused due to many situations but mostly after childbirth. And women always frantically look for ways to tighten their vagina and bring it back to how it was before. Many doctors put in a couple of stitches in the vagina after childbirth, and this may give a level of tightness, but the insides of the vagina will still be torn and loose. There are, however, ways that a woman can get a tighter vagina after childbirth.

There are vaginal exercises known as Kegel exercises that help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of the vagina. It is performed by squeezing the levator muscles and holding them for about five seconds and releasing them. They are in fact very useful after childbirth to regain the strength of the vaginal muscles. There are also a number of creams Tight Vagina 11and gels on the market that can be used to help the pelvic muscles tighten prior to intercourse. Learn more about the options by clicking here.

Whatever the situation is, a woman must realize that a vagina is a flexible organ and is capable of bouncing back into shape easily. There is no way a vagina can be too tight as they are made to handle the delivery of a baby. The reason some women may feel they are too tight is if they are nervous, do not have enough vaginal lubrication or suffer from vaginismus that is a very rare condition.

A woman’s vagina has many receptors in the vagina, and it is much more than a man and, therefore, a vagina, if stimulated and is aroused adequately, will not feel too small and will easily accommodate a penis.

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